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CQT Quantum Optics Lab Upgradation

Centre for Quantum Technologies is a Research Centre of Execellence hosted by the National University of Singapore. It is a platform designed for physicists, computer scientists and engineers to research on quantum physics. Using FPGA designing, Python programming and Tcl scripting we upgraded the Quantum Optics and Quantum Computing Lab in CQT. Now the setup works at improved clock timings, facilitating control of LASER at the timescale of the order of microseconds.

Scalable on Devices.

IOT in industry

The remote monitoring solution enables you to monitor the status of devices such as vending machines.

The predictive maintenance solution helps you to anticipate maintenance needs of devices such as pumps in remote pumping stations and to avoid unscheduled downtime.

Smartly Coded & Maintained.

IOT in retail

Retail is one of the most experienced and fast-growing industries leveraging IOT in form of beacons today. In fact, Business Insider predicted that in 2016, beacons would directly influence over $40 billion worth of US retail sales at top 100 retailers. Retail mangers create In Store push notifications, roll out customized offers, ease In Store navigation and track footfall and customer engagement. Overall it helps to drive engagement, loyalty, and sales.

Flexible & Customizable.

IOT in supply chain

One of the biggest trends poised to upend supply chain management is asset tracking, which gives companies a way to totally overhaul their supply chain and logistics operations by giving them the tools to make better decisions and save time and money. Compared with traditional barcode scanner, newer asset tracking solutions such as RFID offer much more vital and usable data, especially when paired with other IoT technologies.

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