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We help enterprises make faster, better‑informed decisions in complex environments by bringing them timely, actionable Data, Visualizations & Reports driven by Business Intelligence.

Web & Mobile and MVP & POC

We accelerate new and growing businesses with power of rich and functional web and mobile applications. Whether you’re launching a new startup, or looking to bring innovation to your company, we provide solutions to build MVPs and large scale applications to bring your big ideas to market.


Experience Seamless Integration and Unification of diverse applications and devices. We ideate, design and build amazing solutions that will boost your organization's productivity, enhance asset utilization and reduce human intervention.

Machine Learning & Data Analytics

Expertizing in areas of Web Crawling, Modelling, Regression Studies, Complex Networks, Computer Vision, Graph Modelling and state-of-the-art Deep Learning Techniques.

Our Team

Mayank Bhasin

Chief Executive Officer
Researcher - Behavioural Analytics, Nano Chemistry, AI

Praveen Kumar Killaka

Chief Designer - Front End, UI/UX Animator


Tech Lead AI-ML
Researcher - Behavioural Analytics, Quantum Chemistry, AI

some of our clients whose
businesses are now powered by us

We work on various problems and offer innovative solution design. Agencies from enterprises to startups have benefitted from the technologies offered by us.